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Drainage Clearance & Maintenance

  • Emergency call outs

  • Drain rodding

  • Internal blockages - kitchen/bathroom etc

  • High pressure water jetting

  • Drain line cleaning & descaling

  • Man-hole maintenance 

  • CCTV surveys 

  • Drain/Manhole inspections 

  • Aco drains and gullies

  • Small excavations

Gutter with leaves

Gutter Clearance & Maintenance 

After heavy rain your guttering can collect leaves, moss, debris, and water causing it to become blocked and overflow​. Poorly maintained guttering, over time, can lead to damage to your property through leaks, damp patches and mould. The most effective way of preventing such issues is to clean your gutters at least once a year. This not only has the benefit of ensuring that debris has been removed, but can also be supporting evidence to insurance companies in demonstrating that preventive maintenance has been carried out in any future insurance claims that may arise.

High pressure water

High Pressure Water Cleaning

Patios are constantly subject to the elements leaving them weathered, dirty, and stained. Algae and excess grime can also be very slippery underfoot, causing a safety issue. Regularly cleaning and taking care of your patio comes with a number of benefits . Not only does it keep it looking at its best, the removal of weeds, moss, and acidic dirt will give it a longer life in a better condition. Our cleaning services also extend to the removal of unsightly graffiti.

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