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Whatever sector your business is in and drainage is part of your responsibility a routine maintenance schedule is definitely a good option to prevent disruption to your business.

Our drainage engineers can provide a Drainage Maintenance Plan tailored to your needs.

   The benefits include:

  • Avoiding emergency call outs that cause disruption and possible safety issues for your business.

  • Identifying wear and tear and drain damage in advance.

  • A choice of when the work is carried out (Out of business hours)

  • Supporting your business in meeting legal and environmental standards.

   The sectors that are covered include:

  • Restaurants, Cafés, Pubs, and Shops

  • Social housing associations

  • Schools and other educational establishments

  • Hotels

  • Manufacturing/Production facilities 

  • Healthcare facilities 

  • Recreational centres

   Routine planned maintenance services typically include the following:

  • Drain cleaning and unblocking

  • Sanitary lines - Toilets and washroom facilities

  • Gutter clearing 

  • Emptying of grease traps

  •  A CCTV drainage survey

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